2022 RV Retail Catalog

Air Your Dirty Laundry. But Wash It First. Six independent arms can carry up to 60 lb of towels, suits and clothes on hangers Easily mounts to a 1” or 1-1/2” exterior ladder or can be wall, bumper or A-frame mounted if no ladder is available (with available additional accessories) 03-2240 CL-12 (12" usable line space) 03-4609 CL-27 (27" usable line space) 03-0652 CL-36 (39" usable line space) 03-4609 CL-01 (Bumper post adapter) 03-4608 CL-02 (Bumper post hitch adapter) HAMPER BAG 03-0157 14-0100 16-1/2" x 32-1/2" LAUNDRY REEL Hang it or hook it indoors or outdoors. Sturdy plastic reel holds 21’ of strong nylon line. Includes 2 brass hooks. 03-0304 8512 White/Yellow CLOTHES HANGERS LAUNDRY RACK WIRE CLIPS Save space with our folding laundry rack. Ten arms each with removable clothespins. Center arm hangs on shower curtain rods. 03-0468 14-4055 Folding Use these PVC-coated wire clips in your kitchen, workroom and more. Assorted colors. 69-6925 GT-6012 Wire Clips 12/card The most innovative hanger ever made – won’t fall off the closet rod! Ideal for RVers. Sturdy enough for your heaviest gear. Just clips on to your closet rod. 03-0032 1200W Stay-Put Hangers 6/card TOOTHBRUSH STAYTION™ BAR SOAP STAYTION™ STORAGE STAYTIONS™ HOOK STAYTION™ Simply push the suction cup to a wall and it’s secure! Holds towels, sponges and more, up to 20 lbs! 2/card. 03-1047 36699 White Self-draining bar soap holder. Now you can put your bar soap out of the shower spray to extend its life. 03-1044 36668 White Self-draining basket holds soap, sponges, shampoo and much more! 03-1043 36700 Combination 03-1048 36672 Storage Staytion Holds toothbrushes and/or razors! Suction sticks to any smooth, nonporous surface. Holds up to 20 lbs. 03-1045 36669 White EXTEND-A-LINE Designed to be installed in a shower, the Shower Organizer includes a washcloth towel bar, builtin soap dish and shelf for the ultimate shower organization. Simple installation and all mounting hardware included. 02-3490 33300 SHOWER ORGANIZER This TP Holder is a great addition to any wet bath/shower and ideal for shower/toilet combinations. Neat and simple dry roll will eliminate wet toilet paper. 02-3489 33200 TOILET PAPER HOLDER Perfect for RVs because you don’t waste valuable floor space. Hangs on closet rod or its own mounting bracket. ACCESSORIES Clothes Racks, Hangers, Staytions , Bathroom Accessories 02-17 2022