2022 RV Retail Catalog

Commercial grade nylon webbing. Holds manual awning arms securely while traveling. Perfect for RV’s boats, work vehicles. 02-9295 006-200 10" Cinch Straps, Pair 02-9299 006-206 16" Cinch Straps, Pair PATIO AWNING PULL STRAP AWNING HANGERS AWNING CINCH STRAPS WINDOW AWNING PULL STRAP Direct OEM replacement. Fits A&E Dometic, Carefree and Faulkner Awnings. Commercial grade nylon webbing. 96” Length. 01-0666 006-201 AWNING ACCESSORY HANGERS Hang party lights, plants, or accessories. Slides into any brand awning roller tube. Includes 7 hangers and 7 “S” hooks. 01-0943 A77040 Gray 01-0944 A77041 Black 01-0948 A77045 White AWNING HOOK UPS Slides into the awning rail to hold rope lights, string lights, flags, banners, signs, windsocks and more. No need for “S” hooks or other hardware. 69-9206 22662 Awning Hook Ups, 10/card 03-2602 006-202 03-2603 006-203 Fits most standard Window Awning Tubes. Commercial grade nylon webbing. 24”, 26”, 28” adjustable pockets. Use with patio or window awnings to hang party lights, wind chimes, bird feeders, flowers and more. 7/card. Add versatility to your toy hauler. With our toy hauler screen, you can use that space in the back of your toy hauler for more than just hauling toys. Breeze in, bugs out. ® Features: • Easy to Install • Heavy Duty - UV Protected Screen • Unlimited Stopping Points Leave the door open, the screen down and suddenly you have a comfortable room that gives more of the outdoor feeling PART # MFG. # DESCRIPTION 01-0726 1409200PBK CrossBreeze 92” PD RV Screen 01-0727 1409600PBK CrossBreeze 96” PD RV Screen 01-0728 1409662PBK CrossBreeze 96-5/8” PD RV Screen 01-0729 1409775PBK CrossBreeze 97-3/4” PD RV Screen 01-0730 1409912PBK CrossBreeze 99-1/8” PD RV Screen SUN & SHADE Cross Breeze Screens, Awning Hangers 03-41 2022