2022 RV Retail Catalog

Made In the USA! Made In the USA! Made In the USA! 06-3892 MER425SS-15 15” HOSE 06-0929 MER425SS-15P 15” HOSE 06-2815 MER425SS-24 24” HOSE 06-3882 MER425SS-24P 24” HOSE 06-3893 MER425SS-36 36” HOSE 06-3883 MER425SS-36P 36” HOSE 06-3884 MER425HSS-15 15” HOSE 06-3881 MER425HSS-15P 15” HOSE 06-3885 MER425HSS-24 24” HOSE 06-6539 MER425HSS-24P24” HOSE Stainless Steel Braided Pigtails - High Flow Series For connecting propane cylinders to the propane regulator. The Stainless Steel braid provides added protection to the hose along with the safety features of thermal protection in case of fire and excess flow protection in case of broken gas line. Female QCC, Type I connection x 1/4” inverted male flare. The Type I (QCC) connectors are designed with a built-in excess flow feature and a positive shut-off that will not allow gas to flow until the connector is fully engaged. In the case of a fire the built-in thermal protection on the QCC connector melts allowing the nipple to disengage for the tank connection and stop the flow of propane. The QCC connector also provides a positive back check seal at disconnect th eliminate the propane in the hose from being released into the atmosphere. Note: The Type I (QCC) thread replaces the POL connection on 40 pound or less DOT propane cylinders. Warning: An excess flow valve will not activate if there is a break or leak downstream of the valve that does not equal or exceed the closing flow of the valve or if the excess flow valve installed exceeds the flow capacity of the system. See the Excess Flow Warning page for more information regarding the use of excess flow devices. 1-5/16” Female ACME Inlet. 50 SCFH Air/100,000 BTU/H Flow Capacity connector. 1-5/16” Female ACME Inlet. 100 SCFH Air/200,000 BTU/H Flow Capacity connector. 1-5/16” Female ACME Inlet. 200 SCFH Air/400,000 BTU/H Flow Capacity connector. Brass tee connection(ME420) .9 GPM excess flow male hard nose POL x female POL x 1”-20 male x 1/4” female inverted flare 5 foot hose (MER401- 60) .9 GPM excess flow male hard nose POL x 1/4” male inverted flare 12 foot hose (MER421-144) 1”-20 male x 1”-20 female The Flow-Longer Propane Kits are designed to connect small, portable appliances, normally fueled by disposable LP-Gas cylinders, to the existing LP-Gas fuel supply of a recreational vehicle, cottage, backyard patio, etc. without interrupting the supply of regulated fuel to the system. Flow-Longer eliminates the need to purchase an extra LP-Gas cylinder or several small, disposable type cylinders. Brass tee connection(ME415) .9 GPM excess flow male hard nose POL x female POL x 1”-20 male. 12 foot hose (MER421-144) 1”-20 male x 1”-20 female 06-0254 MER471 FLOW-LONGER PLUS Brass elbow connection(ME423) .9 GPM excess flow male hard nose POL x 1-5/16” male ACME/ female POL with quick closing poppet x 1”-20 female 12 foot hose (MER421144) 1”-20 male x 1”-20 female 06-0252 MER472 STAY-LONGER The Stay-Longer Propane Kits are designed to give you new flexibility on how you use your LP-Gas. You can stay longer by hooking up auxiliary LP-Gas cylinders, or you can tap into the RV’s LP-Gas system to fuel portable highpressure appliances. Brass tee connection(ME420) .9 GPMexcess flowmale hard nose POL x female POL x 1”-20male x 1/4” female inv. flare 5 foot hose (MER401-60) .9 GPM excess flowmale POL x 1/4”male inverted flare 06-0253 MER473 STAY-LONGER PLUS 06-0251 MER470 FLOW-LONGER 06-0233 ME518 GRN CONNECTOR 06-2816 ME517 BLK CONNECTOR 3/8” Female Flare Swivel x 3/8” Female Flare Swivel. 3/8” Hose ID 60” and 144” in length. Male Soft Nose POL, Plastic Handwheel x 1”-20 Male Swivel connections 06-0248 MER407-60 60” HOSE 06-0249 MER407-144 144” HOSE 06-3894 MER610-36P 36” HOSE 06-3895 MER610-48P 48” HOSE 06-0271 MER613-12 12” HOSE 06-0272 MER613-18 18” HOSE 06-0273 MER613-24 24” HOSE 06-0274 MER613-30 30” HOSE 06-0205 MER613-36 36” HOSE 06-3898 MER613-36P 36” HOSE 06-0206 MER613-48 48” HOSE 06-3899 MER613-48P 48” HOSE 06-0207 MER613-60 60” HOSE 06-0208 MER613-72 72” HOSE 06-0275 MER613-84 84” HOSE 06-0276 MER613-96 96” HOSE 06-0277 MER613-108 108” HOSE 06-0278 MER613-120 120” HOSE 06-0209 MER613-144 144” HOSE .9 GPM Excess FlowMale POL, 7/8” Nut x 1/4” Male Inverted Flare connections 3/8” Female Flare Swivel x 3/8”MPT. 3/8” Hose ID 1/2: Female Flare Swivel x 3/8” MNPT connections. 3/8” Hose ID 06-3896 MER611-36P 36” HOSE 06-0250 MER611-40 40” HOSE 06-3897 MER611-48P 48” HOSE 06-0263 MER401-12 12” HOSE 06-0265 MER401-15 15” HOSE 06-0264 MER401-20 20” HOSE 06-0266 MER401-24 24” HOSE 06-0267 MER401-30 30” HOSE 06-0268 MER401-36 36” HOSE 06-0269 MER401-48 48” HOSE 06-0270 MER401-60 60” HOSE 06-2817 ME519 RED CONNECTOR LP GAS Hoses, Pigtails, Connectors 05-12 2022