2022 RV Retail Catalog

Products 2022 Base Pad Leveler • Adds up to 4” lift • Includes leveler, chock and anti-slip mat • Light weight polycarbonate material – like bullet proof glass • Curved edges for easier removal between wheels Base Pad Peak • Blocks your scissor or stab jacks • Light weight polycarbonate material • 4000 lb capacity UV Hydro Designer Series RV Covers • Highly UV and moisture resistant 4-layer fabric promotes longevity and features a hydrophobic water barrier that beads water on contact • Light colorway reduces temperature build-up and keeps your RV cooler • Easy installation with user friendly red accents to help identify interaction points See page 20-37 for more information. See page 20-37 for more information. See page 04-03 for more information. 02-3571 JBP-C302 2 pack 02-3573 JBP-813.2 2 pack T-Chock For TandemAxles • Pressure against each tire and axle helps you stay put • Fits tires spaced 2” to 17” apart • Rust-resistant coating • Handle included on all models See page 20-37 for more information. 00-4266 JBP-T217.2 2 pack 00-02