2022 RV Retail Catalog

• Magnetic panels provide hands-free light when attached to toolboxes, car hoods and more • USB charging port to charge your mobile devices • Base light stays lit when panels are removed • Individual controls on base and each panel • 3 modes (lantern): high, medium, low • 3 modes (panel): high, low, flashlight • Lumens (lantern): 800 (high), 200 (medium), 100 (low) • Each panel powered by 3 AAA NiMH batteries (included) 18-8296 2000030727 Quad Lantern The 2-mantle design of this lantern creates a steady, bright glow of up to 1000 lumens of light that reaches up to 22 meters away. Once your lantern is lit, the wide base provides stability when placed on a table, and the bail handle allows for easy hanging on the Propane Tree. (Propane Tree and LP Tank sold separately). 10-9987 2000026393 2-Mantle Lantern 06-1365 2000015165 Propane Tree • BatteryGuard™ technology disengages batteries to preserve battery life and reduce corrosion when light is off and provide Power When You Need It™ • 2 modes: high and low • Lumens: 350 (high), 10 (low) • Beam distance: 300m (high), 75m (low) • IPX4 water-resistant design • Powered by 3 AA batteries (included) • Lifetime LEDs never need replacing 10-9991 2000032710 425M LED Flashlight 18-8297 2000032717 300M LED Flashlight QUAD PRO LANTERN BASIC PROPANE LANTERN AND LP TREE LED FLASHLIGHT MINI LED ROPE LIGHTS RV TWIN TRAK SOLAR ROPE LIGHTS 18’ long solar rope light has a switch that lets you toggle between on/off. 18-0638 A30-0700 Solar Rope Light, Clear 18-0639 A30-0725 Solar Rope Light, Blue 18-0927 A30-0900 Solar Rope Light, with Traks 18’ LED rope lights fit into the open slot on the awning tube. 16’ L. 18-7641 A30-0625VP Mini LED Rope Lights, 16' Creates two awning accessory tracks, doubling your awning hanging space. Slide into the original track and leave your awning drape attached. Comes in six - 3’ sections. 01-0958 A30-0500 RV Twin Trak LED ROPE LIGHTS/TRAK REVOLUTION COLOR CHANGING LED LIGHTS LED lighting ropes for indoor or outdoor use. Rope Light Trak holds rope lights in one track and awning drapes or other hanging accessories. Contains six - 3’ sections and holds 3/8” or 1/2” rope lights. 01-0962 A30-0600 Rope Light Trak 18-2041 A30-0650 18' Rope Lights, Clear 18-2042 A30-0675 18' Rope Lights, Color Kit is customizable, 16’L, 2” thick LED rope can be cut every 2” to desired length. Remote can program the light to change color, dim, fade, strobe, and more. Includes red, industrial strength 3M tape. 18-1937 016-SL5100 16'L LED Light 18-1477 016-SL5001 Connector Kit 18-1479 016-SL5002 LED Strip Light Music Box 18-1561 016-SL5004 110VAC Adapter 18-1560 016-SL5003 RGB Controller 18-1562 016-CRC2025 Controller Battery Made with 50 decorative LED lights with 25ft. cord. Sun charges lights by day and they automatically turn ON at night. 82-0081 JB7839WHI White SOLAR STRING LIGHTS Quickly inflates or deflates any airbed. Features rechargeable battery, 120V charger, Boston valve adapter and pinch valve adapter 10-9988 2000017848 Air Pump AIR PUMP JOI® HEAT POWERED LAMP The JOI Lamp transforms candle heat into LED light! JOI uses the same thermoelectric technology as our Ecofans to transform the energy of a tea light candle into enough light to illuminate your night. Within minutes, JOI begins to convert the heat of the candle into more than 100 times the light generated by the tea light alone. Designed to be a contemporary centerpiece with style that appeals to all, JOI offers a unique and useful light source indoors and out. 42-0070 8310CASBX Lamp PATIO LIGHTS 20 LEDs in colorful 3” diameter globes are spaced 12” apart. LEDs save money and last longer. 22’L cord. UL approved 110V power supply. Optional 12V adapter (18-2116) allows for use on 12V. 18-2115 12-9008 LED Patio Globe Lights 18-2116 12-9098 12V Adapter OUTDOOR LIVING Flashlights, Lanterns, Rope Lights and Tracks 01-14 2022