2022 RV Retail Catalog

Solar lantern and bug zapper that kills bugs on contact while brightening your campsite. LED light features three levels of brightness. Weatherproof. 72-4774 SOLARPLZ Helps to repel mosquitoes in confined areas outdoors. It is useful in places where there is little or no breeze such as patios and porches. Each coil burns 5-7 hours. For outdoor use only. 72-4769 C-10-12 10/Ct Mosquito Repelling Coil holder helps to repel mosquitoes in confined areas outdoors. It is useful in places where there is little or no breeze such as patios and porches. Four outdoor use only. One burner and 4 mosquito coils included. 72-4801 COMBO HOLDER W/4 COILS Kills bugs on contact. Solar powered LED and UV light have a flame effect that activates at night. Replaces standard burning lights. No open flames, insecticides or messy oil refills. Can adjust to three heights including tabletop. 72-4802 DFST SOLAR PORTABLE BUG ZAPPER & LANTERN MOSQUITO REPELLENT COILS TERRACOTTA COIL SOLAR BUG ZAPPER AND LED FLAME Citronella scented “one size fits most” wrist bands comes in a variety of colors. Sold in resealable bag. 72-4767 6PKBCBTS 6/Pk Repel mosquitos with essential oils. These deet free wipes are family friendly and a great alternative to bug spray. Take on the go. Each pack contains two wipes. 72-4768 TMWIPE Description CITRONELLA WRIST BANDS MOSQUITO REPELLENT WIPES Internal brush rotates around inside every 72 hours. Easy to remove bottom cap catches dead bug and insect debris. Has two charging methods; solar and micro USB cable. Rainproof for outdoor and camping use. 19-7779 443 Lanterns SELF-CLEANING MOSQUITO LANTERN This tube type citronella scent Candle has single wick and comes in yellow. Imbued with the pleasant aroma of citronella, the candle has a burn time of 16-18 hours. 69-8650 9075 3.5 oz. CITRONELLA CANDLE ELECTRONIC BUG SWATTER Eliminate bugs with a swipe of your wrist. Simply press the button to electrocute bugs that contact the metal grid. Safe and fun to use. Easy to clean. Low power output. Use 2 AA batteries (not included). 03-1027 12-8010 Bug Swatter ELECTRONIC INSECT TRAP Insect trap emits UV light and titanium dioxide to mimic human scent and attract insects. Vacuum suction kills mosquitoes, flies, wasps and more. Pesticide and odor free. 69-5465 JB5452 Electronic Insect Trap WIRELESS OUTDOOR SPEAKER Sand, mud, water and shock proof. Wireless speaker floats, fits in your cup holder and clips to your backpack. Rubberized cover, built-in microphone, built-in rechargeable battery with a wireless range of 60 feet. 7.3” x 3” x 3.2” 71-8649 ISBW337BU Speaker OUTDOOR LIVING Pest Repellent, Citronella Candles, Bug Zapper 01-20 2022