2022 RV Retail Catalog

The Leading Provider of Propane Accessories 1. 1 LB REFILLABLE CYLINDER & KIT Refill your 1# Flame King cylinder in just 4 easy steps. 06-0903 YSN164 1lb. Refillable Cylinder 72-5391 YSNEZF 1 lb. Industrial Refill Valve 06-0900 YSN1LBKT 1 lb. Refillable & Refill Kit 30-2684 YSN1LBB Plastic Base for 1lber 30-1299 YSNB1LB Plastic spider base for 1 lber 2. LOG LIGHTER STARTER 30-0563 YSNFS-02 Fire Starter Torch 3. PRO BOOST 30-2379 YSN1LBPB ProBoost (1# Cylinder Propane Booster) 4. KITCHEN TORCH 30-1950 YSNAX1-207 Kitchen Culinary Butane Torch 5. CAMPING STOVES 30-1716 YSNVT-508 Single Burner w/ 1 Lb base 30-2294 YSNVT-101 2 burner camping stove 6. PARTY GRILL Multi-Function Portable Propane BBQ Grill Camp Stove. 30-0158 YSNVT-301 Party Grill 7. MULTI-FUEL STOVE 30-2242 YSN1LBPB ProBoost (1# Cylinder Propane Booster) 8. BURNER STOVES 30-1637 YSN-SB200K 200K BTU Single Burner Propane Stove 30-3383 YSN-DB60K 60K BTU Double Burner StoveTorch 9. PORTABLE HEATER INDOOR AND OUTDOOR 30-2883 YSN-CHS20 20,000 BTU Propane Gas Tank Space Heater 30-3600 YSN-CHS10 10,000 BTU Propane Gas Tank Space Heater PORTABLE SHOWER Tankless Portable Propane Gas 10L 2.64GPMWater Heater 68,000 BTU for Outdoor Hot Water Shower, RV, Camping, Farm, Cabins 30-1950 YSNBM264 Outdoor Hot Water Shower 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 RV MOUNTED GAS GRILL RV Mounted BBQ-214 sq. inch cooking surface comes with a bracket to mount right onto the side of your motorhome, RV or trailer. Mountable or freestanding. 06-0913 YSNHT400 GAS DROP-IN 2 BURNER COOKTOP Features one 7200 BTU burner with a large, oval grate and one 5200 BTU burner with standard circular grate. Cover and wind guards included. Adjustable flame control. Dimensions: 18.5” x 13” x 4.5”, fits counter cut outs 16-1/8” x 11 5/16”. For outdoor kitchen use only. 06-0915 YSNHT600 FLAME KING GRIDDLE Portable gas griddle for outdoor cooking while camping, tailgating and taking road trips. Flame King griddle offers a heavy duty cooking surface for versatility and durability with a strong 12,000 BTU heat output. For use with the 1lb Propane cylinder. 00-2209 YSNHTG252 ELECTRIC SCORCH Grill steak, chicken, pork and any other meat of your choice. Quick cooking with up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. Electric powered for convenience to cook anywhere you desire. 00-2210 FK-BEEF-110 FIRE BOWL Flame King Outdoor Portable Propane Gas 19” Fire Pit Bowl with Self Igniter, Cover, and Carry Straps for RV, Camping, Backyard 30-2268 FKG6501D Fire Bowl 19” w/auto ignitor OUTDOOR LIVING Camping Stoves, Fire Bowl, Cooktop, Portable Heater 01-22 2022