2022 RV Retail Catalog

Made of lightweight, durable vinyl that will not rust or corrode. The Picket Play System includes everything you need to create a 135 sq ft SAFE ZONE and it’s completely customizable! 01-2314 P1000 Pet Barrier Fencing System 21-6481 P1109 Extra Standard Panel 24-6482 P1300 Extra Gate Latch Panel/Gate Catch Transport 70 pounds of water anywhere. Large diameter cap makes it easy to clean or add ice, and a hideaway spout allows for convenient water dispensing. Includes rugged wheels and a fold-away handle. Large 4” opening. 03-0821 9600-03 8 gal. AQUA-TAINER Food approved polyethylene can has no after taste or odor. Replaceable spigot reverses for safe storage. 03-0031 9410-03 7 gal. HYDROLLER WATER CARRIER UTILITY CAN Food approved polyethylene can has a 3-piece spout system for more accurate pouring. Protected snap-in vent plug. DO NOT use with flammable liquids. 03-0028 8580-43 6 gal. GRILLTOP TOASTER Toasts two slices at a time evenly and perfectly like an electric toaster on your outdoor grill. 5”W x 9”L x 2-1/2”H. 03-0349 CT-1 Grilltop Toaster SUPER TONG COMBO BOTTLETOP BASTING BRUSH Bottom half is a spatula, top half is a tong. 16-1/4”L. Rubber-coated handles. 69-9721 42 Super Tongs Screw-on basting brush instantly turns any BBQ sauce, salad dressing or marinade bottle into a handy basting brush. Dishwasher safe. 69-5486 06035 Basting Brush OUTDOOR LIVING Pet Fencing, Cooking Accessories, Water Carriers 01-29 2022