2022 RV Retail Catalog

DOUBLE ELEVATED FEEDER Perfect for travel, or everyday home. This platform feeder features two removable and portable bowls that can also be used alone. Bowls and legs collapse flat to 1.5” for easy storage. 1 or 2.5 cup each bowl capacity. Dishwasher safe. 03-2351 PW1104322405 Fuchsia 03-2352 PW1104322194 ProBlue 03-2344 PW110432429 Light Gray OFF LEASH 03-2358 PWC020-432-2027 Off-Leash Collar - Medium 03-2361 PWC030-432-2027 Off-Leash Collar - Large 03-2360 PWL010-432-2027 Off-Leash Double Padded Handle Leash 03-2364 PWT011-2027 Off-Leash Reaction Ball 03-2357 PWT012-2027 Off-Leash Tumbler 03-2365 PWT010-2027 Off-Leash Flyer 03-2366 PWW010-25 Waste Bag Dispenser (includes 1 roll of fifteen 12.5" x 8.75" bags) Provides quick cleaning of a dog’s dirty or muddy paws. Features an array of soft, gentle, thick silicone bristles inside an easy-togrip tumbler. 03-2369 PW710429 Medium, Light Gray MUDBUSTER SPILLPROOF PET DISH Locking lid extends into dish to keep contents in place, even on bumpy roads. Dishwasher safe. 03-0440 A72 Blue/White MICROFIBER DRYING MITT Perfect for bathtime or for drying your furry friend’s mucky paws at the door! Our microfiber mitt absorbs up to 7 times its weight in water. Machine washable. 72-5569 TP100GY Drying Mitt 72-5567 TP091MGY Microfiber Towel SUPERWASH Make washing your pet an enjoyable experience. Switch between 5-different settings with the easy spray selector. Features an extra-long 84” hose for those hard to reach places. Rubber nozzles help massage and deep clean even the toughest messes. Multiple adapters for use inside and outside . 10-9997 70862 Tan/Gray ACCESSORIES Pet Products 02-20 2022