2022 RV Retail Catalog

If your Truck Camper measures: • 192” or less: - Part #: 01-1157 (12262) • 193” to 213” - Part #: 01-1159 (12264) • 214” to 240” - Part #: 01-1158 (12263) If you have an air conditioning unit and you’re within 4” of the end of the scale, go to the next size up. It is important to measure the bubble height. To do so measure the top of the van to the natural roof line. • Measure your RV from the longest two points to determine proper fit, including bumpers, spare tire and ladder - but excluding hitch. • ADCO™ Covers are designed to fit all common vehicle heights, however, we recommend double checking by taking the measurement of the vehicle sidewall height, excluding ground clearance. • Cover is designed to accommodate rooftop accessories so no need to account for A/C’s, Vents, etc. when checking on height. 100% Polypropylene covers are recommended for short term storage and dust covers UV Hydro™ Olefin HD™ Sunbrella® All Climate Moderate UV Hydro™ Olefin HD™ SFS AquaShed™ CHOOSING YOUR FABRIC BY CLIMATE: 5TH WHEEL TOY HAULER CLASS B TRUCK CAMPER FOLDING/HI-LO TRAILER MEASURING YOUR RV + FABRIC SELECTION CLASS C TRAVEL TRAILER CLASS A HOW TO MEASURE FOR A 5TH WHEEL STORAGE SKIRT: Find Your Cover Size By Measuring: Length of Driver’s Side Overhang + Length of Passenger’s Side Overhang + Width of Your 5th Wheel Trailer This dimension will give you the cover size length you need. Give yourself a few inches extra on each overhang side, so the cover will enclose the overhang opening. Overhang (x2) Width HOW TO MEASURE YOUR RV: COVERS RV Measurement + Fabric Selection 04-02 2022