2022 RV Retail Catalog

Size 14' 15' 16' 17' 18' 19' 20' 21' Remote Upgrade Kit All pricing is based on standard acrylic fabric.  Auto-Retraction Electronics Mirage automatically retracts when the canopy reaches a predetermined level of movement—and you set the movement level on the control panel.  110V power operation Includes easy to use controls and the Motion Detection System. This unique system detects canopy movement, the most important element to help prevent wind and weather damage.  Full 10' projection The Mirage extends further for more shade and more comfort.  Superior design Motion Detection Sustem, Wireless remote control and rugged housing combine to make the most advance box awning on the market. “Mirage is the strongest, most durable lateral arm box awning available. The one piece mounting bracket provides a firm, dependable installation.” The Mirage closes into a heavy-duty, resilient aluminum case for travel. No worries about damage or billowing on the road! The Motion Detection System automatically retracts the canopy when it senses continuous movement. Optional Wireless Remote Control allows you to operate the awning from around your campsite. Sensor Box 12VMarqueeTM Over-the-Door and Window Awnings  Easy, motorized operation Just push a button to open and close  “Scissor action” arms provide strong lateral support.  Sleek, rugged design Canopy is housed in a durable aluminum case. Marquee OtD & Window Awnings Size Size Size 50" 72” 120” 54" 84” 132” 60" 96” 144” 66" 108” 156” NOTE: Size refers to endcap to endcap measurement. Additional charges may apply. Specify window or door pitch when ordering. Window pitch is 33° & door pitch is 3°. All pricing is based on standard acrylic fabric.. MirageTM with Auto-Retraction Electronics  Beautiful sleek look The clean, effecient design closes up tight against the RV for a modern look.  Largest color selection Available in white or black case and over 100 beautiful acrylic colors.  Lateral arms for maximum head clearance SUN & SHADE Power Awnings 03-08 2022