2022 RV Retail Catalog

Quality • Value • Performance • Style Bag, Window&CompanionAwnings 12 Volt Folding Camper LiftTM  Lifts more, works faster Easier to install than any other lift.  Stops at any time tuck in the fabric when lowering.  Easy DIY install Just change out your manual crank*.  Protective black cover & switch Uses the same bolt holes as your current lift mechanism and cables.  The Campout Awning stores in a durable, zippered vinyl bag, has self-contained hardware and a fastener strap holds the rolled up canopy in place.  Campout’s easy set up Self-storing arms and braces fold into the lead bar. Flip-lock levers make leg and brace adjustment quick and easy.  Campout’s durable construction Heavy-duty aluminum channels, sturdy hardware and rugged vinyl fabric make the Campout the strongest bag awning available.  Campout’s best looks The Campout is available in a wide range of colors to perfectly match your trailer! The storage bag is white.  Mounting area The Campout requires a flat, unobstructed area three inches longer than the bag size. An 8'–5" Campout awning would require a mounting area of 8'–8". “You should insist on a Campout over any other bag awning.” Item Part # 12V Camper Lift 01-2400 Replaces Dutton Laison Model 880 manual crank. Uses your existing crank and lift mechanism. 1200 lb. rated lifting capacity.  Keeps rain out and your entryway cool.  Vary the pitch Convenient adjustable arms, raise one side for effective rain release.  Manually deployed has a 36" projection  Auto-Rafter version has a 46" projection and locks automatically.  Includes Extruded aluminum awning rail, hinged arms & braces.  For Class A’s with curved or straight doors  For Travel Trailers with roadside doors.  Canopy extends 36"  Available in all vinyl or acrylic companion awning fabric colors.  Arms available in black or white. Measuring Guidelines: Awning rail must be mounted a minimum of 11" above the door. For each arm, you must have a minimum of 2" mounting width and a flat unobstructed vertical mounting area of 63" between awning rail and bottom bracket. Truckin’ AwnTM Over-the-Door Awnings Truckin’ Awn and Over-the-Door Awnings are SPECIAL ORDER items. Please see your dealer for complete pricing, specifications and ordering. *Current application replaces most manual winches used by many manufacturers today. See your dealer for details. Campout Awnings Bag color is white. Bag Size Sierra Brown Bordeaux Teal Black/Gray Ocean Blue Black Fade Blue Fade Burgundy Fade Camel Fade Silver Fade 2.5 m (8’-5˝) 00-1006 00-1010 00-1014 00-1018 00-1022 00-1194 70-1147 70-1145 70-1146 70-1148 3 m (9’-10˝) 00-1007 00-1011 00-1015 00-1019 00-1023 00-1195 70-0824 70-0822 70-0823 70-0825 3.5 m (11’-6˝) 00-1008 00-1012 00-1016 00-1020 00-1024 00-1196 70-0828 70-0826 70-0827 70-0829 4 m (13’-1˝) 00-1009 00-1013 00-1017 00-1021 00-1025 00-1197 70-0832 70-0830 70-0831 70-0833 Size refers to end-of-bag to end-of-bag measurements. SUN & SHADE Over-the-Door, Truckin’ Awning, Folding Camper Lift 03-09 2022